Don Hartley
Don Hartley

The Journey

Over the past three decades, Don Hartley has been recording and performing his brand of conscious Jamaican music to the delight of roots reggae fans worldwide. He started off as a solo artist first and foremost, then merged with Manchester UK’s Nucleus Roots in the 1990s during which time he achieved notoriety as a serious contender in the UK and European dub arena.After a seven year break on a spiritual quest exploring the Orthodox Christian Faith, Don emerged in 2013 working on his own projects, while still collaborating with different producers and artists, the likes of which include Lewis Bennet, Rod Chaplin of MessenJah Music, Roll & Record and Fat Bird Recordings.Despite Jamaican musical styles coming and going, Don has remained true to his particular brand of conscious reggae that uplifts fans everywhere. Look for Don Hartley on all digital platforms including Bandcamp (links below) where he is hoping to eventually return to releasing tunes on vinyl but for now it’s digital.

Early recording with Nucleus Roots published by Universal Egg (2007)

Don is currently churning out singles every four to six weeks while diligently aspiring to his debut album, yet to be achieved. To this end, despite the long wait, we can be reasonably assured that Don will come up with the goods; with what he is already known for: universally relatable nuggets delicately seasoned with spiritual salt."My music is spiritual, reaching out to the blessed people who know the joyful sound.” Don


Do You Have What It TakesWorld One Entertainment2022
Big Mountain IIWorld One Entertainment2022
Envy NotMessenJah Music2022
Woe Be Unto DemFat Bird Recordings2021
What It TakesWorld One Entertainment2021
Oldest VersionsI Love Sound2020
RepresentBikila ProudActions2019
Rivers of BabylonLewis Bennett2019
Every Little ThingRuff Diamond2019
African UnionDon Hartley Musik2018
State of MindTribe 842016
Let Your Light ShineRoll & Record2016
Deep RootsPartial Records2013
When The Bread Come BackVilla Saint Michel2008
Irie Meditation / Step It Up RastaUniversal Egg2007
When The Bread Come BackFaya Dub2001
Irie MeditationNucleus Roots2001
Deep RootsNucleus Roots2000
Run Come QuickNucleus Roots2000
That LadyRising Son1990